Joint symposium on
Eco-Evolutionary dynamics and
Flanders Annual Meeting of Ecology

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FAME programme - December 19th

[ Schedule ]

FAME symposia (parallel sessions)
Symposium 1: Global change and biodiversity: impact and mitigation
Symposium 2: Emerging infectious diseases
Symposium 3: Functional biodiversity
Symposium 4: Ecological and Evolutionary genomics
Symposium 5: Urban Ecology
Symposium 6: Long Term Ecosystem Research

Keynote speakers at FAME
Gerlinde de Deyn (Wageningen University, Netherlands) - Illuminating the soil black box to unlock its potential [abstract]
Chris Jiggins (University Cambridge, UK) - How do genomes diverge during adaptive radiations? [abstract]
Mark Urban (University Connecticut, US) - Improving the forecast for biodiversity under climate change [abstract]
Hans Van Dyck (Université Catholique de Louvain) - Biological success in the Anthropocene: find a way out of the forest [abstract]

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