Joint symposium on
Eco-Evolutionary dynamics and
Flanders Annual Meeting of Ecology

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Doctoral Schools Natural Sciences en (Bioscience) Engineering
EVENET programme - December 20th & 21st

The symposium is structured into five complementary symposia, each comprising four contact hours (totaling 20 contact hours). Doctoral students should attend at least four of the five symposia (totaling 16 contact hours) to gain 1 credit.

[ Program ]

EVENET | Doctoral Schools symposia (non-parallel)
Symposium 1: Spatial ecology & evolution
Symposium 2: Evolution of/in metacommunities
Symposium 3: Evolutionary ecology of stress responses
Symposium 4: Host-microbiota (inclusive parasite) eco-evolutionary dynamics
Symposium 5: On genomes

Keynote speakers at EVENET | Doctoral Schools
David Angeler (University Stockholm, Sweden ) - Resilience and evolution: oxymoron or partnership? [abstract]
Lutz Becks (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Germany ) - Eco-evolutionary dynamics and patterns of parallel evolution of host and virus populations [abstract]
Pierre De Wit (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) - Adaptation from standing genetic variation – the future of marine animals in a rapidly changing world? [abstract]
Alison Duncan (CNRS, Montpelier, France ) - Host-parasite coevolution in variable temperature environments [abstract]
Emanuel Fronhofer (EAWAG, Zurich, Switzerland ) - The eco-evolutionary dynamics of range expansions [abstract]
Pierre-Alexandre Gagnaire (ISEM, France ) - Reconstructing the evolutionary history underlying the genomic landscape of species divergence using haplotype-resolved genomes [abstract]
Caroline Isaksson (University Lund, Sweden ) - Adaptation or acclimation to urban anthropogenic stressors: A case study of the great tit [abstract]
Anna-Liisa laine (University of Helsinki, Finland ) - How is diversity maintained in pathogen populations? [abstract]
Tom Miller (Rice University, Houston, US ) - Rapid evolution of dispersal modifies the ecological dynamics of biological invasion [abstract]
Pedro-Perez Neto (Concordia, Montreal, Canada ) - A conceptual and empirical framework for unifying trait ecology and community phylogenetics [abstract]
Viktor Nilsson-Örtman (University Lund, Sweden ) - Seasonality, acclimation and biotic interactions under climate change [abstract]
Jelena Pantel (CEFE, US ) - Intraspecific variation, environmental heterogeneity, and their influence on metapopulation dynamics in the freshwater snails of Guadeloupe [abstract]
Dick Roelofs (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Coping with life in soil: comparative analysis of springtail genomes [abstract]
Mark Urban (University Connecticut, US ) - Eco-evolutionary resilience in the Anthropocene [abstract]

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